Friday, November 10, 2006

The Times - and more on the Delusion.

Libby Purves in The Times has wise words about the trivialisation of sex. Rupert Shortt also had a good Thunderer a couple of days ago about the serious persecution of Christians in many Muslim countries.

Some progress on the Dawkins/God Delusion front. And interesting feedback during my periginations about the City. A world-famous scientist thinks, as I do, that Dawkins is "bringing science into disrepute." And someone who knows him quite well (D's been to stay in his house) thinks that Dawkins has become a performer and doubts how far he believes his own rhetoric. Certainly a book which devotes more space to quotations from a few abusive letters/emails from "Christians" to another author (not Dawkins) that to the main Aquinas arguments for the existence of God, and which will not engage with the arguments of first-rate scientists like Polkinghorne (preferring to give D's own potted summaries and definitions) is nether scholarly nor a serious intellectual contribution. The Nature review described it as a "sermon" and John Polkinghorne describes it as "simply an atheistic rant - a very disappointing book."

Alister McGrath has sent me the MS of The Dawkins Delusion - an interesting slim book. Much excellent material although of course far more could be said. But time may be of the essence. It will be interesting to see if/how Dawkins can be encouraged to debate it.

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