Saturday, January 27, 2007

Birthday Party and Is Religion Dangerous?

Elder daughter's birthday party last night, at our flat. She has delightful friends. I'd been feeling rotten most of the day and have to fly to the US today (and back this evening) so went to sleep early. One of the books I boought her was Keith Ward's Is Religion Dangerous? which I carefully read, and created a short WP article as well as linking it into Dawkins and God Delusion, so that readers can be aware of Ward's arguments.

The life group on Tues was immensely inspiring - fascinating insights into the way in which new Christian faith can help people see work in a different perspective.

Monday, January 22, 2007

What a week: Judi, Janie, Fashion, Australia, 5th Birthday

So much happened in last week.

On Tues we went to the first meeting of our Life Group: what a delightful and diverse group of people. It was hugely encouraging to meet them, and already we feel strengthened on our spiritual journey.

On Thurs Philip Neal Martin had invited me to the premiere of his piece composed for the graduation show at the London College of Fashion - held at the Royal Academy. What I heard was brilliant, sadly the show started late and I had to leave for a dinner with a client.

On Friday we went with our friend Janie and two friends (who had flown over from the US specially) to Stratford to see Merry Wives the Musical. This was magnificent, with Judi Dench, Simon Callow, Scarlett Strallen and Jeffrey Dench all in top form. Judi had very kindly invited us to her dressing room afterwards and opened two bottles of Champagne - we met all the others and were driven back to London tired but very happy.

Saturday was a dinner at Australia House. Robyn Archer AO entertained the guests accompanied by fellow Australian, brilliant pianist and composer Paul Grabowsky. There were two excellent young Austalian opera singers as well. Sir Charles MacCerras was given the Australian of the Year award an Honorary Australian of the Year went to the founder of Travelex.

Sunday - younger Grandson's 5th Birthday Party in Cambridge. So pretty exhausted!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Hooker and Faith

Wonderful sermon last night from vicar - passionate about how we depend only on God's acceptance of us through faith. He revealed at the end that his new baby was born with a syndrome that left him severely disfigured and how this had really tested his faith.

Massive re-org of our books - all the Sci/Phil/Religion books now alphabetical by author (about 400 of them) Have found several old favourites and some I had forgotted we had. Hooker's Law's of Ecclesiatical Polity has pretty much the best opening of any non-fiction book I know:

"Few there are of so weak capacity, but public evils they easily espy; fewer so patient, as not to complain, when the grievous inconveniences thereof work sensible smart. Howbeit to see wherein the harm which they feel consisteth, the seeds from which it sprang, and the method of curing it, belongeth to a skill, the study whereof is so full of toil, and the practice so beset with difficulties, that wary and respective men had rather seek quietly their own, and wish that the world may go well, so it be not long of them, than with pain and hazard make themselves advisers for the common good" (Hooker, Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity Book 5, Opening para)

It's also remarkable that this Everyman's Library edition (I can't see any publication date, but I guess 1910) has loads of untranslated footnotes in Latin, Greek!, Italian!! and Hebrew!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

C, US, Midgey

So much has happened this year - amazed that I haven't got round to posting.
NY Eve we prayed in at a delightful service. We celebrated C's birthday quietly with immediate family nevertheless as sit-down lunch for 12. I then had to go to the US for a 4-day business trip which included travel from NYC to Albany by train along the Hudson. Trip went v well incl. another fascinating meeting with Nowak. Free upgrade flying back meant I slept horizontally and well so scarcely any jet-lag. Though running slightly set back.

I was concerned that Wikipedia articles I'd created on Arguments from Love and Beauty might be deleted following a poll for their deletion, but both survived - Love being touch and go for a while. Now I am back I must enhance them with more refs. Really enjoyed The Myths We Live By by Mary Midgley - amzing woman now 89!