Saturday, June 13, 2009

Faith, Hope, Love and Godot

Thurs evening saw a big prayer meeting at Hammersmith Town Hall organised by many local churches. About 500 people attended, despite the tube strike, and we followed an agenda based on the Lord's Prayer. 9 people from our Life Group attended and most of us met up for a drink and a bite afterwards. The most moving parts were praying in small groups with people from other churches - it was a little bit frustrating that just as we were making progress the stage would call us together for the next item. And I very much hope that the next one is not on a major catholic feast (Corpus Christi) which must have cut down attendance a lot.

Yesterday went to Waiting for Godot with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. This play is an extraordinary mixture of the absurd, the profound and the pretentious: I think quite deliberately so. Shot through with religious references - beginning with the two thieves (by the "tree") and laden with the themes of faith, hope and love - but defying categorisation. McKellen and Stewart very convincing as the "old couple" - and indeed they first worked together on Beckett in 1977 - though I'm not quite so sure about Simon Callow as Pozzo. Callow is a very fine actor but does Pozzo really have to be so shouty?

The bios in the programme of the four 11-year-old "Boy"s are also a little study in faith, hope and love. Tom Barker has appeared in 3 West End Muscials, Richard Linell just one, but lots of TV, George Sear "is delighted to be not only making his West End debut but having the opportunity of working with two of his all-time heros" and Sam Walton "hopes that with hard work, a bubbly personality, a big smile and lucky socks, he will be able to pursue a career in the performing arts."

PS Just seen a nice post from the leaders of Biologos picking up on our metaphor of creation as a grand improvision ... a grand fugue.

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