Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beauty in Cornwall - and jobs

Delightful time in Cornwall visiting my mother.  Also had time for a sailing lesson at windsport near Falmouth.  This is based in Mylor Harbour and Mylor church boasts that Christian worship has been offered on that site since 411.

Cornwall is exceptionally lovely at this time of year, with sea pinks and other very seasonal flowers.

Preliminary UK GDP figures are somewhat disappointing but the strong growth in Manufacturing and Services is very good news.  UK Consumers have been on an unsustainable debt-fuelled binge for far too long, as has the public sector. Still I do hope that the remaining quarters of 2011 come in at or ahead of expectations.  We all need to think about job creation: we're doing our bit in our company but perhaps we could do more in conjunction with our church?

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