Saturday, April 16, 2011

Great trip to US

Enjoyable and stimulating visit to the US. We flew in to NYC on Weds for a meeting with Joe Stiglitz, who was as usual great and full of teriffic insights. My colleague although a UK/US citizen had never been to NY so after we had written up the meeting I took him to The View on the 48th floor of the MAriott - but the very low cloud rather limited visibility.

Thurs travelled up by train to Boston, working on the train which is much more efficent and enjoyable than flying with its dead time. Meeting and dinner with Martin Nowak which was great.  Also managed to consult another key Nobel Laureate adviser on the phone and again super advice and insight.

Friday was some client meetings and then gave a seminar at the Kennedy School - my old friend Malcolm Sparrow attened much to my surprise and delight.  Caught up with Elder Daughter and Youngest Granddaughter and now just about to board flight back.

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