Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ethical and Spiritual Implications of the Internet

Last night we had the Colloquium on the Ethical and Spiritual Implications of the Internet at the House of Commons, 14 years after we had the first one at the House of Lords. We managed to get the two original speakers, Richard Chartres and Steve Shirley (now Dame Stephanie) and Warren East the CEO of ARM.  The original event was purely WCIT but this one was jointly held with PITCOM who provided the Chair in the person of Alun Michael MP.

Steve spoke about the work of the Oxford Internet Institute which she had endowed as a result of the first colloquium. Richard noted that the WCIT was still prominent in google searches on the topic of Ethical and Spiritual Implications of the Internet, and that not as much has been done in the intervening 14 years as one might hope, but he was thrilled by the prospects that the internet offers. Warren points out that we are still in the very early days of the net, and that society will over time address the problems.

The discussion from the floor was pretty interesting: our attention was drawn to the new Church of Scotland report which addresses many of these issues. I think PITCOM will make a formal report, it was great to work with them and excellent that we managed to bring these outstanding people together.

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