Saturday, June 18, 2011

Music, quanta and job creation

Delightful music lesson on Thurs evening: some Schumann and Brahms and a first look at Beethoven's 6th violin sonata - which I didn't know at all but is wonderful. Apparently the final movement was orginally intended for the Kreutzer but then Beethoven wrote another one.  A major downside of trips to the US is not playing the piano - though I sometimes can play at the Algonquin.  Richard Rodney Bennett is playing there at the moment, who is a friend of a friend, but annoyingly not on Monday which was the night we were there.

Possiblity floated by an Oxford Prof of co-authoring a scientific paper on quantum science with a Nobel Laureate.  May not happen, but a delightful thought. Work going well, v v able new colleague (also ex Trinity) makes a big difference.

Good news about job creation in the UK.  We're doing our bit: one new colleague this month and another starting next month and considering hiring 2-3 more. In addition we're planning to sponsor a paid intern at our Church, which is a highly cost-efficient way of creating jobs.  Came back from the US with a useful export order and hope to raise our client base there considerably. This is what we need, not (of course) an idiotic VAT cut which would simply encourage imports.  Any money to cut taxes should be focused on reducing Employers National Insurance esp for lower paid. I'm really sorry that my scheme for negative Employers NI to encourage hiring the longer term unemployed hasn't (yet) got any traction.

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