Sunday, October 30, 2011

Big bang, eschatology, Colin Howson and anticapitalism

Great sermon this morning from Associate Vicar about eschatology. 

I sometimes reflect that we now know that it’s about 14bn years since the Big Bang.  So if we consider the 2000 years since the incarnation in that context it’s 0.0000014% of the age of the universe. To put it another way, if we map 14bn years onto a normal lifespan of about 70 years we have about 2bn years per decade.  So 1M years corresponds to 1.8 days and 2000 years corresponds to 5 minutes.

Went last night with C to Catholics and for first time had the new liturgy.  In many respects it is an improvement except that they have "peace on earth to men of goodwill" which may be a good translation of pax hominibus bonae voluntatis but it is far from clear that this is what Luke 2:14 means. Eudokias comes from eudokew which is what God says at the baptism "in whom I am well-pleased"  In Romans 10:1 Paul speaks of the eudokia of his own heart towards the Jews.  It seems clear here that eudokia/s is about God's relationship to others, not the relationship of men to each other or God. JB has "men who enjoy his favour".

They also have "after supper he took the chalice" when the word is the ordinary word for cup - though since it was in the form of a passover meal it would probably have been a special cup.

Colin Howson has kindly sent a response to my critique of the first parts of his Objecting to God. It's outselling QoT in the UK although not (by a very long way) in the US. He'd be keen to publish some of our debates and so would I - but even keener to publish the article about what we agree on which we wrote for Prospect years ago. 

I'm deeply unimpressed by the "anti-capitalists" at St Paul's. It's ridiculous of them, with no mandate at all, to call for the abolition of the Corporation of London and the City of London Police.  Other local councils have hardly covered themselves in glory, and  the City of London Police are the lead force on fraud - so the effect of these loon's "demands" would be to encourage fraud and malfeasance in the City.

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