Sunday, October 02, 2011

Colin Howson's Objecting to God

Mother's 80th party in Cornwall was a joyful event. We went to the Headland Hotel because although a marquee at my mother's house would have been much more fun for the guests it would have been very stressful for her.  38 people so we had 4 tables of 9 or 10 and my mother and her 3 children switched at each course so she sat on every table.

The great John Lucas was one of the guests: he was of course delighted to hear about Tom Nagel, and also enquired about the 2nd article that Colin Howson and I had written for Prospect - about what we agree on - which was never published.

I'm delighted to find that Colin has now written a book called Objecting to God whose Acknowledgements page contains the following: "I would like to give special thanks to Nicholas Beale. he and I were going to write a joint book about God and science...Nicholas did provide me with a great deal of insight into the questions addressed in this book, and at all points where I have gained from it I have, I hope, given him full acknowledgement".

I've ordered the book and look forward to reading it with great interest.

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Crude said...

I found a google preview of it online, or so I thought. If it was what I in fact read, I'd say prepare to be disappointed. Just my two cents.