Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jumpy, and Positive Psychology

To the Royal Court for Jumpy a new play by April De Angelis starring the wonderful Tamsin Greig. Extremely funny and very well written, in an excellent production with a strong cast who work together really well.  Decidedly cringe-making in places and I'm somewhat glad to be seeing it when our younger daughter is 20 and not 16.

Look out for Michael Marcus - who on his first professional engagement gave a very good little talk at the end appealing for Acting for Others.

In some ways it's an optimistic play - the basic stability and resilience of family life re-asserts itself - but in other ways it really brings into focus the meaninglessness of modern secular living.  I'm reading Charlotte Style's excellent book Brilliant Positive Psychology and it really emphasises how hope, purpose and faith make a difference to people's lives.  Lives without hope are indeed, hopeless.

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