Saturday, March 17, 2012

Archbishop Rowan standing down

I'm sorry that Archbishop Rowan is standing down. I don't wholly agree with everything he has said, but what does that matter? He is a wise, godly and enormously intelligent and learned man. Surely one of the most intellectually gifted Archbishops of Canterbury in history. Not at the level of St Anselm and his prose is not as great as Cranmer's (although you could make the case that Cranmer wasn't exactly such an intellectual polymath) but you'd have to go back at least to William Temple. I have an enormous regard for Richard Chartres and he'd be a wonderful Archbishop of Canterbury, but it would be a great shame to lose him from London and the ABoC is an almost impossible job. Appointing Sentamu would be a very good witness and might make it harder for the ultra-liberals in the US who are causing so many of the problems. Long gone are the days where the traditional English Gentleman supposedly "didn't have any theological opinions of his own, but believed in whatever it was that the Archbishop of Canterbury believed in". I got an email for John Polkinghorne from someone in the Vatican addressed to "The Most Revd John Polkinghorne". Lovely idea that the Pope might consider John to be an Archbishop - though sadly it was from a researcher who probably as learned that this is a safe form of address because very few clerics would mind being addressed as an Archbishop even if they were not.

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