Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Rowan, Chesterton and The Lancet

Last night to Lambeth Palace for the AGM of the Lambeth Partnership. This began with evensong in the Chapel, and a wonderful sermon from ABp Rowan. He pointed out that it was the eve of the feast of Sts Perpetua and Felicity and that such stories of triumph over suffering and adversity were sent as "food parcels" of spiritual nourishment - gifts of encouragement between Christian communities in the early church. What do we, as the CofE, have to offer our brothers and sisters in other churches by way of such "food parcels"?

Sadly I had to leave after the service since we were entertaining 6 company Chairmen and a leading Investor for a fascinating (but unbloggable) Investor/Chairman Dinner.  But I was able to congratulate Rowan on his excellent discussion with Dawkins, and tell him about Martin's appearance on The Life Scientific.  Rowan is of course a great fan of Martin's.  The only reliable way to get from A to B on time was by bicycle so I cycled over Westminster Bridge in the evening which was indeed rather magnificent.

Greatly entertained by this letter in The Lancet about risk of mortality - a point I have often made though not so elegantly!  And there is much wisdom in this post about Chesterton's Fence.

Now back to work....

PS - am now watching the full Dawkins/Rowan discussion which is here.  Two very striking phrases from Rowan: On Genesis: "they were inspired to pass on to their readers what God wanted them to know" and "A God who is a combination of love and mathematics."

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