Friday, April 06, 2012

Good Friday and the Waterseller of Seville

To Cambridge yesterday for work, and to see Son and grandkids. Was able to look in to the Maundy Thursday service at St Edward King and Martyr and get most of a sermon by Fraser Watts. He spoke movingly and wisely about the way in which "the boundaries dissolve" in the Eucharist, boundaries of time, space and personality, in the mystery of Communion.
It occurs to me that there is a (perhaps rather weak but illuminating) analogy with a Fourier transform. Although we tend to think of things as being in definite places in principle the Fourier transform of a field is just as "real" a description of the field as its normal depiction. And for some purposes the Fourier transform will give a much deeper insight into what is going on.

Today we had the Walk of Witness from St Paul's to the Kings Mall shopping centre, followed by a mediation in the Church with music provided by Rachel and Sam Chaplin and the talks from Luke Bretherton. He made use of some striking paintings, the most notable use (for me) being the Waterseller of Seville.  He notes that there is no money shown as changing hands, and suggests that the Waterseller is actually giving away the water (doubtful I think historically, but an interesting idea). Luke B contrasted three strands of thought about Good Friday: Sacrifice, Grace and Communion.

The truth of course is that there are an infinite number of approximations to what happens/happened on the cross and in the resurrection. Many are valid and profound: none is exhaustive or complete.  Rather like the limit of an infinite series: the REALITY that transcends Reality.

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