Monday, May 07, 2012

BegatWorld 1.0

Long and interesting discussion on free will with a distinguished physicist. He started from a position that Creation and free will are incompatible but I think I've got him to agree that they are not.  He asks for a "toy model" of a universe in which there is free will and I've come up with what I call BegatWorld 1.0.

In this there exists a finite set of persons P1..n which varies over time t0...infinity and at any time t any person who exists at time t may Beget another new person who then exists at time t+1.

God begins by creating some persons and then allows them to get on with it (God has of course created the entire system and sustains it, so God remains the Creator of all the persons).

BegatWorld 1.0 has an infinite number of possible histories* and if you were interested in genealogy or persons it could be fascinating to watch. And if your purpose was to create lots of loving persons (and you assume that if A begat B then A tends to love B and B tends to love A and that love tends to grow transitively over time) this would not be a bad way of doing it.

Of course it’s wildly over-simplified but it might be helpful as a starting-point for discussion.

* At time t there can be (2^t)*N[0] persons where N[0] is the number at t=0, and there are 2^N[t] possible begettings at time t. So the number of of possible histories to time t is really spectacular!

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