Saturday, June 23, 2012

Congratulations to Brian Josephson on the 50th anniversary of the publication of his stunning paper  - "Possible new effects in superconductive tunnelling," Physics Letters 1, 251 (1962) work for which he won the Nobel Prize. There is a conference at Cambridge today in his honour. We're collaborating on an article about evolution.  He wrote this paper when he was 22.
I've been very busy so only just seen that Martin Nowak's latest paper on the Evolutionary Dynamics of Cancer was published in Nature on the 17th. Note the very nice agreement of theory and experimental data - none of these wishy-washy correlations with an R^2 of about 0.3.

I've also only just seen the Obit of Andrew Huxley who died on 31st May. I knew him a bit, and vividly remember taking him for dinner at Midsummer House in Cambridge with my son Rupert and with John Polkinghorne. He was in great form, and remaked that he had started training as a doctor but dropped out. I couldn't resist remarking: "just think, if you had qualified, you might have won two Nobel Prizes".

It seems that Jerry Coyne is something of an intellectual coward. Having been hopelessly trounced in his attempts to pick holes in Questions of Truth, he has decided not to allow any comments from me on his blog to point out (politely and rigorously) some of his errors. Ah well. I approached Prof Coybe about this and he seems now to be allowing my comments again. So I take this assertion back. Sorry Jerry.

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Crude said...

Apologizing? Are you aware that Coyne as a rule bans just about anyone who strongly disagrees with him/atheists in general on that site?

That you got your ban removed is a case of the exception, not the rule.