Thursday, August 16, 2012

Francis Collins Comments + IBAB

Long after it was written I have stumbled upon Francis Collins' article about "my friend Hitch"  Very moving.On any view Hitch is now a former atheist - he either doesn't exist or is ... better informed.

Collins also has a comment piece in Science about the mix of priorities in NIH funding.

A fascinating comment piece in Nature bemoans the fact that "the polluted science-communications environment drives people apart" on issues like climate change. This is to a significant extent due to dangerous fools like ... well you know who I mean ... who pretend quite falsely that science requires you to give up your faith. They therefore become massive drivers of public distrust of science.

In Business and Battle is officially published today. At pixel time it's 140k in bestsellers - mercifully QoT is 73k.

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