Sunday, September 02, 2012

Back from Boston, Ned Phelps, Mark and Mahler 6

Just back from some very productive and enjoyable days in Boston, working but also seeing Elder Daughter and her two children.  One of the many highlights was taking the elder, Miranda, on a Duck Tour and watching her drive the Duck (while in the water, under supervision of course!)

Lots of very productive and un-bloggable work, including liaising with Ned Phelps about my seminar next month at Columbia which he is chairing.

I'm reading through Mark at the moment, which is fascinating.  It is so condensed and you really get a sweeping feeling for the whole.  I think he probably was the young man who ran away naked (why else include this incident?) 

Just finished listening to a superb Proms performance of Mahler 6 - well worth catching if you can.

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