Friday, November 09, 2012

Well it will be Welby

Well it will be Welby. From everything I hear about him, and have read, I'm delighted.

It's also interesting that it makes the front page and lead editorial in the FT, as well as a big profile, and also similar treatment in The Times and other national media.

It's also very encouraging to me to find out about people like Reverend Sally Hitchiner. Have a look at her comments here.

PS I also find that he's a Benedictine Oblate (of St Benedict's Priory Salisbury, which was formerly Elmore Abbey but the 4 remaining monks sold the Abbey and have moved into the close at Salisbury) and has a Spiritual Director who's a Roman Catholic Priest (maybe formerly of Elmore but gone over??). I have always felt that when the Evangelical and Catholic streams of Christian Spirituality finally begin to merge in the CofE there will be a major revival*. So I'm enormously encouraged by this.

* Though I don't think I've properly blogged about this - I mentioned it here en passant in 2007 and here in 2006 - referring to a book Streams of Living Water written by Richard Foster in 1999.

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