Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back from Beijing and delightful news re Daughter

Seminar at CUFE
Fascinating and largely un-bloggable trip to Beijing which included giving a seminar at the Central University of Finance and Economics. I also spent a weekend there and so again worshipped at the South Cathedral. They are short of tenors and basses for the English Choir so I volunteered (explaining that I was a regular visitor but was only in Beijing about 2 weekends every couple of months) and after an audition was accepted. So I spent 2-hours after the service in Choir practice, one of only 2 westerners present.

Was planning to be in Beijing on Sun but got all the meetings done so was able to fly back on Sat. Delightful news that Daughter got a First in her History Finals at Cambridge so dropped bags at home, went straight to Cambridge for dinner with her and other family members, and then was driver back with all her things from her room - half dead when we had finished unloading, the body is just not designed/evolved for heavy work after an 8 hour timeshift.

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