Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Justin Welby and Matt Ridley - two steps forward

Back from an idyllic few days in Cornwall with grandchildren - sunny days and some amazing sunsets.

The celebration of 60th Anniversary of the Queen's coronation seems to have gone very well.  We managed to catch Archbishop Justin's sermon and it is brilliant - though it will have raised some hackles by stating very strongly that true freedom can only be found under God (whole event video is here).  I also hear that he was a great success with the students at Trinity College on Sunday.

An interesting perspective by Simon E Fisher and Matt Ridley in Science argues that some of the genetic changes associated with modern humans may have been driven by the evolution of culture rather than causing it.  This is particularly interesting to me because Ridley has been one of the big Dawkins-ites and this point is one of the nails in the coffin of the ridiculous "lumbering robots" trope.

So I guess these are two steps forward. (Interestingly there are as many ghits for "justin welby" as for "richard dawkins" in the last week.)

It was very good catching up with our friend Frieda Hughes in London on Monday evening. She was giving a reading of some poems at The Troubador. A remarkable talent fusing poetry and art.  She's exhibiting at the Henley Festival in July - catch her if you can!

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