Thursday, July 25, 2013

Excellent Lambeth Partnership meeting with Justin Welby

Lambeth Palace Chapel
To Lambeth Palace last night for a meeting of the Lambeth Partnership. Justin Welby was enormously impressive - humble, self-deprecating, focused, decisive, optimistic.  Much of the discussion was un-bloggable but I think I can report his 3 stated priorities:
  1. Prayer and the renewal of the Religious Life. He points out that all revivals in history have begun with this.  He's particularly encouraged by the 24/7 Prayer movement and by Chemin Neuf.  
  2. Reconciliation. He spoke movingly about how in the Church we need to be "reconciled reconcilers" and of the great work done from Coventry on this which is a world centre of reconciliation.
  3. Evangelism and Witness. This is at the core of Christianity and he is very clear about this. As Chris Russell his evangelism adviser said "we believe that the best decision anyone can make is to become a follower of Jesus Christ". Justin says we must be "faithful in witness and hospitable in relationships."  He told us about his visit to Southall where he found was an excellent example of this.
He also paid warm tribute to Rowan Williams, and made the point that he is building on Rowan's foundations.  After the talk and a Q&A and an informal supper we all went to the Chapel for Compline. Highly inspiring.

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