Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Hughes, Hughes and Joyce

Last night to the Francis Kyle Gallery to see their show Jumping for Joyce because our friend Frieda Hughes was in it. What I didn't realise was that Philip Hughes would also be exhibiting.

Philip was a colleague of my late father at Scicon and left to found Logica which became the best and longest lived of the UK Software Houses, finally being bought by CGI of Canada last year for £1.7bn. However Philip stepped down as Chairman of Logica in 1991 and became a full-time painter and is now quite successful in this area.

Despite being represented by the same leading gallery and sharing a surname they had never met and it was a great pleasure to introduce them. In the picture they are standing next to Frieda's very striking The Idea of the Poet's Voice I which (sadly for us) had been sold.

Also exhibiting was Gerald Mynott who we used to know years ago - indeed his brother Laurence painted a portrait of C which of course we still have (and another which he kept for himself and I think sold). Delighted to learn from Francis Kyle that Gerald is doing very well and is one of their main stars. Sadly he wasn't there since it would have been great to see him again.

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