Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back from Barcelona

Daughter with Master (Greg Winter) being inducted
Back from 2 days in Barcelona (work) which is a great city I'd like to visit again. Managed to get some time sailing.

I'd been a very busy few weeks. Daughter was inducted as a Senior Scholar at Trinity, thus becoming (I think) the 5th member of our family to be a Senior Scholar as well as the 12th member to go to Trinity.  She's certainly the 4th since my father and I and Son were - I suspect my grandfather was but haven't been able to check.  Had interesting conversations with the new(-ish)  Master and with Matt Ridley - neither was aware of Denis Noble's latest work which just goes to show...

Also caught up with the brilliant Roz Picard while she was in London.

And lots of work. You can see why I've had little time to blog - sorry!

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