Thursday, November 28, 2013

Berlin with Yundi and Trust with Rowan

Illuminated Christmas Statues
in Berlin last night
Back from Berlin where I went to have dinner with Yundi who is over to record with the Berlin Phil.

Just before dinner there was a crisis and when I arrived Yundi's highly experienced CEO met me and explained the problem. I suggested a solution, which was also one of the possibilities they had been considering, after some discussion they have decided to go for it!

I can't explain more at this stage though I should be able to later, and it will probably become clear in time what I'm talking about. I'd have loved to stay and see the recording, but had to catch a 7am flight back to London for an 11am meeting.

On the way there and back, in addition to working, I've been reading Rowan Williams' wonderful book "Tokens of Trust".  The first chapter (about "I believe in God the Father almighty") is called "Who can we trust" and begins "A few years ago the British philosopher, Onora O'Neill, argued...that our society was suffering from a crisis of trust."  Amongst many gems...
  • "I  believe in God..." isn't the first in a set of answers to the question, 'How many ideas or pictures do I have inside my head?' as if God were the name of one or more doubtful thing like UFOs or ghosts...It is the beginning of a series of statements about where I find the anchorage of my life,"
  • The word [God] has made is designed to become a reconciled world.
  • God can't have a selfish agenda, because he wants nothing for himself
  • There is no situation in which God cannot be relied upon
  • [God's] power is made clear in his patience and in his capacity always to bring something fresh into a situation.

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uleadapple said...

OH~~Yundi will give a new record with Berlin Phil?wonderful news!! I became his super fan since he won the 14th International Chopin Piano Competition!! but what was the crisis in your blog?Did he encounter with some terrible things?Could you tell me something?Waiting for your answers!thankyou so much!