Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Justin, Miranda, Bach, Jane Austen and MERRY CHRISTMAS


Back from a few days in Cornwall with Daughter to be with my mother on the anniversary of my father's death. Weather was quite spectacular and I only managed one short run before it started hailing. On Christmas eve we took the train to Cambridge and after over 9 hours of travel joined Son for his birthday, then back to London and Midnight Mass at HTB. So roughly as much time as it takes to come back from Beijing!

On Sunday, Justin Welby did Private Passions and Miranda Hart did Desert Island Discs. I caught up with them on iPlayer. Miranda chose Dear Lord and Father of Mankind as one of hers, which is one of my favourite hymns. Justin's choices included "Music composed for the enthronement of the Archbishop of Canterbury by a composer called Michael Berkeley" which was rather delicious (and surprisingly good) and the Christmas Oratorio recorded by the Choir of Trinity College Cambridge - his college and mine.  I don't think Justin and Miranda have met yet and I'm hoping to introduce them on May 2nd, although they may well meet before then in other contexts.

C gave me Justin's un-authorised biography Archbishop Justin Welby: The Road to Canterbury which I'm greatly enjoying. Daughter-in-Law gave me A Truth Universally Acknowledged which is also delicious.

This blog just passed a very round number of pageviews. Then next milestone like that may take some time :-). In the meantime I wish every visitor to these pages a very blessed and happy Christmas. May love grow deeper and deeper in your hearts and lives - for God is Love.
God's overwhelming love has burst the dam
And love incarnate unites God and man
In love the separation is transcended
The barriers, by leaping love, are ended.

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