Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back from Beijing - singing in the Cathedral Choir

Very long break since I was in Beijing for 2 weeks and then frantically busy when I got back.

A spiritual highlight was singing in the English Choir of the Beijing South Cathedral. Chinese Christians are so enthusiastic and welcoming!  There must have been at least 30 nationalities in the cathedral. The sermon was on the Prodigal Son and the Chinese priest made the point that this was not about the lost son but about the lost sons.

Returned in time to celebrate Daughter's birthday. She had had her big friends party the previous weekend while I was away alas, but had some old friends from school (+ a cousin) round for supper on her actual birthday, and we also had separate celebrations with Son and his family and with my in-Laws. Combining this with my last sail of the season and running and church and I was zonked.

Being in Beijing really brings home the reality of the fellowship of Christians ("the communion of saints")  So sadly do the terrible events in Kenya and Pakistan.