Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cambridge Development Initiative Launch

A full house at the CDI Launch
Last night to the public launch of the Cambridge Development Initiative which is a student-run development consultancy. Daughter is the Events Officer so she had helped to organise it and I came to support and learn more.

They key speakers with Lord Alton, Lord Malloch-Brown and Simon Anholt - none of whom I knew though I knew the first two by reputation and we had friends in common. My friend Eldryd Parry was one of the invited guests.

It was a very inspiring event, with presentations from the co-founders and from the leaders of the four projects as well as from the keynote speakers. It was also very full as you can see from the photo and I expect they will have got a lot of volunteers.

Lord Alton started by speaking of Thomas Clarkson who (he said) had abandoned his studies at Cambridge after writing an essay against the slave trade, and had played a major role in its abolition. It turned out that Lord Malloch-Brown had, with one of his old Professors who became a colleague at the UNDP, recently endowed an essay prize about modern slavery named in honour of Peter Peckard - the Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge who had set the prize question for Clarkson!

Afterwards there was a reception kindly hosted by Greg Winter in the Master's Lodge at Trinity. Eldryd, David Alton and I then travelled back by train together and there was a most inspiring conversation mainly between Eldryd and David about Christian witness in difficult circumstances and our hopes for unity.

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