Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Delightful break in Cornwall with the church packed for Easter!

Delightful break in Cornwall at our family house where my mother lives. We flew down and were rewarded with spectacular views of the South coast  including many places where I have sailed. The journey is quick and cheap and much easier to get to our house than by train.

We even had a very good overfly of Trevose Head and of the Quies - though sadly I didn't get a shot of our house.

My mother had tickets on Maundy Thursday for an Agatha Christie play (Black Coffee) in Truro with Robert Powell playing Poirot. It was intricately plotted but not wonderfully acted or directed, though Powell was very good. To write in 1929 a play about an atomic scientist who develops an explosive orders of magnitude more powerful than any that had gone before shows some level of prescience though!

We had supper in a delightful fish restaurant in Truro and then went to the Maundy Thursday service in the Cathedral which was also a great experience. The Byrd 5 part Mass and the Byrd Ave Verum were musical high points but it was also very good to be part of the quite substantial congregation.

The Good Friday service at our village church was quite sparsely attended but I'd noticed that they had put loads of extra folding chairs out for Easter Sunday. And indeed we saw why when we arrived 20 minutes early on Easter Day to find the car park almost completely full. By the time the service started the Church was packed, with about 100 extra chairs almost completely filled and some people sitting on the steps. There were 4 hymns set for communion but so many people came forward that after a pause 3 of them had to be repeated. The Vicar was immensely encouraged, and clearly had been greatly inspired by Justin who she quoted twice. She finished with an exhortation to go out and proclaim the Gospel - spread the love!  She told me afterwards that she'd had a lot of positive feedback about Justin and that church weddings were double the level last year. All enormously encouraging!

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