Monday, May 05, 2014

Pray that the pseudo-Christian killers in Africa may be converted to true Christianity

The scandalous situation in Nigeria where Boko Haram has kidnapped over 200 girls has attracted widespread international attention. A friend with strong contacts there claims that there has been a lamentable lack of condemnation of this outrage by the Islamic leaders in Nigeria. This is at least partly because Boko Haram doesn't hesitate to attack Muslims who oppose them - these attacks such as on the palace of the Emir of Bama and on a Mosque are of course condemned by Islamic leaders, some of whom have the courage to speak out against the wider movement.

But a disturbing report in The Economist on violence in the Central African Republic makes really depressing reading:
Fadi Madou was helpless when her six-day-old baby got sick and died. But had she ventured across a wooden bridge into Boda’s Christian district to look for a doctor, she, being a Muslim, would probably have ended up dead, too.
In the past year, the CAR has descended into horrendous ethnic and sectarian violence. First, a hotchpotch of mainly Muslim rebel groups from the north, known as the Seleka ...swept down to Bangui...After ... ten months, it too was forced out amid allegations of rampant human-rights abuses. Since then, mayhem has prevailed, though international peacekeepers ...have struggled to hold the ring.
After the fall of the Seleka government in January, Christian militias known as the anti-Balaka have behaved just as badly, retaliating brutally against Muslims and blaming all of them for the Seleka’s excesses. Thousands of Muslims have been randomly killed. Towns such as Boda, which had a mixed population, have been torn apart.
First, the fleeing Seleka militants sacked the Christian side of the town in January, but left the Muslim quarter standing. Then the Christians retaliated, killing ten Muslims in a day and causing hundreds of others to flee into the bush.
Now it's possible that there is a dose of Western Liberal Cringe in this and maybe the "Christian" militias haven't behaved quite as badly as the article says. But unless this article is an almost complete fiction it is perfectly clear that these so-called "Christian" militias are not Christian at all. Anyone who would kill a mother with a sick 6-day old baby for being of the "wrong" religion has completely forfeited any claim to follow our Lord and Saviour. According to the census 80% of the CAR population claim to be Christians, and protestant and pentecostalist groups are as strong as the Roman Catholics.  It is also a sobering thought that the worst genocide of the last 20 years occurred in Rwanda which was and is still an overwhelmingly "Christian" country.

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