Wednesday, May 14, 2014

William Hague and Diplomacy

To the Foreign Office last night where my old friend William Hague (we shared an office briefly at McKinsey before he became an MP) gave an excellent talk about the launch of the "Diplomatic Academy" which is "a centre of excellence, offering a space for creative thinking, innovation and expertise at the heart of the [FCO]"

I vividly recall visiting the FCO under the previous government and being told by the then Permanent Secretary that they were very pleased to have been given 7 objectives which he proceeded to read out. Firstly 7 is too many, but secondly although these objectives were worthy.none even mentioned the UK National Interest.

Great also to see Sebastian Wood the excellent Ambassador to China.

It would be very depressing if we had an avowed atheist as PM - fortunately this risk appears to be receding as the polls move. the average of the last 5 polls shows a dead heat whereas one month ago they had a Labour Lead of 5%.

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