Wednesday, June 11, 2014

City Livery Club encouraging charity and fellowship

Tom waiting to receive his award
To a Banquet on Mon at the Guildhall to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the City Livery Club.  It was great to join fellow-members of the Livery Movement from all the other companies, meeting some old friends and making new acquaintances.

Fiona Woolf, the excellent Lord Mayor, is a long term member and gave a really moving speech about how the City Livery Club had been so supportive as she became more involved in the City politics. And the President, Paul Radcliffe, gave an excellent speech remarking on the contrast between 100 years ago when the Lord Mayor imprisoned a suffagette in the cellars and the situation now where we have wine in the cellars and a superb female Lord Mayor. He also spoke out against the injustice of unpaid intern-ships.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary the City Livery Club inaugurated the "Root and Branch Award" for the Liveryman who had made the greatest contribution to the community. This was won by a fellow-Liveryman of my Livery Company - the WCIT - called Tom Illube who has done a great deal for education including leading the creation of the Hammersmith Academy. This was presented by Princess Anne who also graciously accepted Honorary Membership of the City Livery Club.

These kind of events really encourage charity and fellowship and are another great example of soft power being used for good.

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