Thursday, August 14, 2014

Richard III at Trafalgar Studios + good family news

To Trafalgar Studios to see Richard III with two dear American friends. Martin Freeman was ill so Philip Cumbus, who normally plays Richmond, stepped up to the title role with tremendous effect.

The production is set in roughly the time of the "Winter of Discontent" in 1979 though imagining that there had been some kind of Civil War. Maggie Steed was excellent as Queen Margaret and Gina McKee was fine as Queen Elizabeth. Joshua Lacey (who normally plays Buckingham) was fine as Richmond.

The programme notes are a bit Guaridan-ish, giving in my view a bit too much credence to the Spycatcher story. My father was at a reception at No 10 the day before Harold Wilson resigned - Wilson was a former (Vice-)President of the Royal Statistical Society - and used to joke that he had persuaded Wilson to resign. I met Wilson once and he told me a scurrilous story about why Jim Callaghan had appointed his son-in-law as Ambassador to Washington - which I'd better not repeat on this blog. Suffice it to say that it wasn't nepotism but it was because he was his son-in-law.

Golden day today with all our descendants here. Daughter has won the Peter Peckard Prize. And to my utter astonishment I've been invited by the Master to be the speaker at our Trinity Annual Gathering!!

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