Sunday, August 31, 2014

WWI Review and Prince of Prussia Interview

Nicky G with Prince of Prussia. Click to view video
Last night there was a World War One Review at the local Church. This was primarily members of the congregation singing WW1 songs and reading poems. In two cases they were what might be described as recitations or mini-lectures: one on WW1 musicians and one on Edith Cavell. One of the war veterans present (WW2 of course not WW1) also gave a poem of his own composition.

It was all surprisingly effective and moving, and had a delightful atmosphere.

But the finale was a screening of this YouTube Video from the HTB Leadership Conference this year, when Nicky Gumbel interviewed a direct descendent of Kaiser Willhelm II who is now a Lutheran Pastor - he is also of course a descendant of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. He asked for forgiveness on behalf of his great-great-grandfather, who, he said, was a believer and didn't want the war but he can't have had a deep personal relationship with Jesus because if he had he would have stood up to the generals a politicians.  Deeply moving - do watch!

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