Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Scotland - let's stay together!

To Trafalgar Square last night for the demonstration in favour of the Union - ie the United Kingdom. I must say I never expected to be part of a demo in favour of a Union!

It had all been organised in 4 days and there must have been about 10,000 people. A very nice friendly atmosphere with people of all ages and from all political parties - apart from the SNP of course!  Dan Snow was very good as was Bob Geldof. And Al Murray was also fine - he was clear that he was not in character. Eddie Izard was a bit full of Eddie Izard.

I do hope and believe that it will have made a difference. I was interviewed by Columbian TV station and said that I very much hope the Scots vote to stay because this has been a very successful political union and I'm very worried that my friends in Scotland will face a bleak future if they go it alone.

I think on the whole it will be a narrow No vote (the current odds are 1/4 No and 11/4 Yes) and I've been told by the CEOs of 2 Scottish businesses that:
  1. They poll with their hearts but they'll vote with their heads and
  2. The women will decide.
But is it uncomfortably close. A Yes will be an economic disaster for Scotland but a very sad day for the UK and for Europe and for the world.

If it is a NO then when the next Referendum happens in about 15 years time we need much better  rules. Such a decisions should never be taken by a 50.1% vote.

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