Friday, October 03, 2014

Cornwall and Lambeth Palace

The Altar at Lambeth Palace - Compline
Very busy week. Went straight from Cambridge to Cornwall to celebrate my mother's 83rd birthday. She went surfing with us, twice (on Sat and Sun). Harvest Festival in the Church was very full and it was the Golden Wedding celebration of a much loved couple: Jerry and Betty Chandler.

Then on Mon I had to travel up for a business meeting and then to go to Lambeth Palace for a fork supper with Archbishop Justin and colleagues briefing the Lambeth Partnership. We were fortunate enough to bring 6 guests - 3 very senior industrialists with 2 wives and 1 former investment banker. It was an enormously inspiring evening - one of our guests said it was the most inspiring series of church talks he had heard for 10 years.

Justin's three priorities remain:
  1. Prayer and the renewal of the Religious Life. The development of the Community of St Anselm, of which he will be Abbot, is enormously exciting.
  2. Reconciliation. We had a terrific talk by the leader of that ministry - huge challenges being risen to right around the world. South Sudan particularly challenging.
  3. Mission and Evangelization. Again a terrific talk by the leader of that ministry.
We finished as usual with Compline in the chapel in the crypt, led by Justin. A wonderfully inspiring evening.

PS on Sun our vicar commended Justin's speech on the ISIL action. It's here and the gist of it is:
The action proposed today is right, but we must not rely on a short-term solution on a narrow front to a global, ideological, religious, holistic and transgenerational challenge. We must demonstrate that there is a positive vision far greater and more compelling than the evil of ISIL and its global clones. Such a vision offers us and the world hope and assurance of success in this struggle, not the endless threat of darkness.

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