Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pray for peace esp in South Sudan

Mass in S Sudan (from Wikipedia)
To Cambridge last night to celebrate some very good family news. Working hard so no time to blog during the week.

Very sad to read in The Economist that the fighting is expected to resume in South Sudan. The terrible situation in Iraq and Syria with ISIL and the deplorable situation in Nigeria with Boko Haram are bad enough. But South Sudan is a predominantly Christian country - according to Pew 65% of the population are Christian. The President is a Roman Catholic and his rival the former Vice-President is a Presbyterian. I know from Justin Welby that the Anglican Church there is working very hard to try to promote reconciliation but the situation is really horrible. This report from Al Jazeera is depressing, with claims that rebels killed people by burning down a Church. And indeed according to this report heavy fighting broke out on Friday.

Full page ad in the Evening Standard draws attention to the fact that on Nov 8th the global head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community called for Concerted action against ISIS. Sadly they are a persecuted sect and in Pakistan, where they are most numerous, they are banned from calling themselves Muslims. The only Muslim Nobel Laurate, Abdus Salam, was a member.

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