Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Justin on Desert Island Discs and in the FT

Just finished listening to Justin Welby's Desert Island Discs on i-Player. Well worth listening to!

It's been quite a day - Son was down for a family gathering last night and stayed the night (with his daughter) so we had him in the house for his birthday. I gave him The Great Reformer: Francis and the making of a radical Pope which seems excellent, from reading the first few pages and from the reviews. I would buy one myself except that I've had a hint that this might not be necessary! The first person mentioned in the book other than Francis and the author is Justin.

Justin continues to have a very good press, with a laudatory Editorial in the FT on the 21st
A Christian leader who is living in the real world
Archbishop Justin Welby is an increasingly respected moral voice

Indeed he is rapidly emerging and the most impressive and respected leader of any kind in the UK - other than the Queen who cannot speak out.  At some point the media will turn against him, but he's well prepared for that!

One of the many wise things Justin said was that when you have death or tragedy in the family that is associated with a particular day it is best to attack that day and celebrate the life of the person, rather than let the day attack you. We have always done this with the anniversary of the death of my father and this was the family gathering last night.  Jesus has conquered the grave, and we can be confident that those who sleep in Christ will rest in peace and rise in Glory!

PS Justin also has a nice article in the Radio Times, and quite a sympathetic profile on the BBC website.


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