Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!

Last night we had dinner with a dear friend and neighbour, then went to a neighbour's drinks party, and at 11:30 came to our parish church St Andrews for a lovely watchnight service. The priest had skilfully adapted the liturgy and it was beautifully and quietly inspiring.

For example "This is the day that the Lord has made" became "This is the year that the Lord will make"
The Collect was:
Eternal Lord God,
We give you thanks for bringing us through the changes of time
to the beginning of another year.
Forgive us the wrong we have done in the year that is past,
and help us to spend the rest of our days
to your honour and glory.
and he adapted an alternative CofE liturgy:
In a world of change and hope,
of fear and adventure;
faithful God
may your name be our security.
In the common life of our society,
in prosperity and need;
faithful God
may your name be our compassion.
As your Church proclaims your goodness in
words and action;
faithful God
may your name be our proclamation.
Among our friends
and in our homes;
faithful God
may your name be our joy.
In our times of joy,
in our days of sorrow;
faithful God
may your name be our strength.
In our strengths and triumphs,
in our weakness and at our death;
faithful God
may your name be our future.
In your saints in glory
and on the day of Christ's coming;
faithful God
may your name be glorified.
(this reminds me of Elder Daughter's friend Glen Skrivener's wonderful song:
My God is so small
So weak and so helpless
There's nothing my God will not do - for you!)
At the end, Auld Lang Syne, party popper and celebration. A great start to the year!

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Beaglelady said...

Sounds like a nice service!