Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Janie Dee in A Little Night Music

Some cast of Night Music
To a 1-off semi-staged performance of A Little Night Music starring our dear friend Janie as Desiree with a cast including Anne Reid as the Grandmother, Joanna Riding as the Countess, David Birrell as the lawyer, Anna O'Byrne as his young wife, Fra Fee as his son, Jamie Parker as the Count, Laura Pitt-Pulford as the ladies maid and Biana Gurnet as the grand-daughter. The director was Alastair Knights and the Musical Director who put the whole show on was Alex Parker.

It was completely packed with massive queues and indeed the show had to start late to allow time for people to get in. Sadly the programmes ran out. It was beautifully and very movingly acted and sung (despite being semi staged and of course miked) and there was a terrific ensemble feeling. Janie was of course utterly wonderful: I have never been so moved by Send in the Clowns but her whole acting and singing was heartfelt, truthful, seamlessly integrated and deeply moving. The "chemistry" between the Lawyer and the Count was also brilliant, Joanna Riding was  and young Biana Gurnet was a very convincing grand-daughter - but the whole cast just played off each other beautifully.

Popped backstage to say hi and briefly met Anne Reid and Joanna Riding but had to get back since we had Son staying. We must try to see Janie in 84 Charing Cross Road in Salisbury.

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