Sunday, January 04, 2015

Well done Miranda - an amazing achievement

Finally Married!
Belated blogging on the wonderful 2-part finale of Miranda. I know this is a show that divides opinion but I was delighted to read India Knight in the Sunday Times saying:
"Miranda Hart is a genius"
One reason she gives is that although in the end Miranda does marry Gary she does so after she had outgrown and disassembled all the wrong reasons (to please her mother, to confirm that she was desirable, to define herself in relation to her man) and then marries for the right reasons.   Fair point. But apart from being the most talented physical comic of her generation, and creating some immortal visual gags, she also has an empathy with her audience that is extraordinary.

"Dearest chums"
I've been to a shooting of Miranda and even then (when she only had 2-3M viewers) the extent to which the audience was rooting for her is extraordinary. When she and Gary finally agree to marry, and when the finally do, the sense of joy is tremendous and real.

the most amazing friends
And there is a genius touch at the end of the last episode which brings tears to my eyes and I think to many others, and which I don't think anyone else could have got away with, and almost no-one else would have thought of. Just at the end she says to Gary: "I've just got to say goodbye to someone" and then walks over and speaks to us with heartfelt emotion:

"Dearest chums. I don't know when, of if, we'll see each other again, but, just thank you for being the most amazing friends. Love you."

It got 7.3M viewers when it was aired and probably will get millions more on i-Player. If you missed it you can watch it here for the next 27 days - though much of the humour and emotional value will be missed if you are not already a Miranda fan.

Well done Miranda - an amazing achievement.

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