Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Inspiring Easter in Cornwall

10 minutes before the Easter Service
Back from a delightful Easter break at our family house in Cornwall. My mother was also joined by my nephew (her grandson) and his wife and two children.

The weather was good on Saturday and glorious from Sunday to Tuesday.

Highlight was undoubtedly the Easter Sunday service. We had been for the Good Friday Mediations which were excellent - St John Passion and readings from Ann Lewin.
Particularly striking were two lines from her poem about Simon of Cyrene:
I felt compelled to go not just a mile
But on an endless journey into life.
The extra chairs were set up at the end of each pew and I remembered from last year that it would be pretty full. We aimed to get there 15 minutes early and only arrived 10 minutes early, by which time we could only get seats half way down the back. By the start of the service almost every extra chair was full, and by the middle about 25 of us were standing.  It was enormously inspiring - the Rector (Julia Wilkinson) was buoyed up on a wave of happiness and goodwill. She was also very encouraged by the appointment of a woman Diocesan Bishop.

Not only were the days beautiful, the sunsets were exceptional - here is just one picture.

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