Friday, May 08, 2015

Election Victory is "a sacred trust" and a chance for service

Linton Crosby celebrating some good news
Enormously encouraged by the General Election and by the PM's reaction to it. I had the privilege of being at Conservative Central HQ throughout the night from just before 6pm, where I was one of many volunteers telephoning voters. I and many others called voters in South Thanet and in Hendon and earlier  had called people in Brentford and Isleworth and Morley and Outwood.

When the BBC Exit Poll came in we were surprised and a bit cautious because it was at the high end of our expectations. Then as results came in after about 5 (3 Labour and 2 Conservative) I began to realise that not only were the results consistent with the Exit Poll they in fact suggested we were doing a little better than this poll suggested.  Some very good Conservative MPs were defeated (Mary Macloed and Esther McVeigh in particular) and it was sad to see some excellent Liberal Democrats who had put Country before Party being punished by the electorate for this. But other excellent MPs who were in danger of being swept away held their seats, and the Conservatives made gains in Wales and held our seat in Scotland.

We were very pleased when it became clear that Ed Balls was losing his seat (I learned something tragic and unbloggable from two of his constituents which made me feel strongly that he should not be an MP) and that Nigel Farage was not going to win South Thanet. It looked as if news of Ed Balls losing would arrive just as David Cameron arrived at CCHQ but he demanded a re-count so this was delayed.

 However the highlight of the marathon session was undoubtedly when David and Samantha arrived to be greeted by cheering workers and volunteers, and he gave what I'm sure was a completely sincere off-the cuff speech. He congratulated us and said:
"the real reason to celebrate tonight, the real reason to be proud, the real reason to be excited, is that we are going to get the opportunity to serve our country and to put into practice our brilliant, positive, up-beat manifesto: all the things we have done in the last 5 years to get to where we are, laying that foundation, and now being able to offer real hope to people in our country, I think we are on the brink of something so exciting....

so celebrate... but then we need to get back to work, because we have been given a sacred trust.  This is the greatest country on earth, and there is nothing better than the chance to serve the people who live here. And all the things we've talked about, all the dreams we have of giving people the chance of a better life, all of that now needs to be put into place, at the same time as bringing our country together. It is a sacred trust, it's a huge honour, it's a great victory, but now let's turn it into something special for our people."
And, to be completely clear, when he said "for our people" he certainly didn't mean 'for our people as opposed to others in the UK', but for the people of the United Kingdom as a whole.

I was delighted to shake Cameron by the hand once more and also Samantha, and to congratulate them both. I then went home, tired but elated.

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