Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Whitsunday 2015

Icon of Pentecost from Wikipedia
Back from a few days in Cornwall, seeing my mother and sister, running along the coast, kayaking and sailing. Lovely to be in the parish church for Pentecost having been there for Easter.

And when the day of Pentecost was come
Apostles, as one, gathered in one place
Are stirred up by a rushing mighty wind
Alighting on their spirits tongues of fire
Aflame with inspiration to proclaim
Amazing news to spread to the whole world
As God makes things anew, he gives them power
All barriers of race and tongue to leap.
Anew creation flows from that event
A bigger bang, our fallen world to mend
Whitsunday – the beginning of the end.

Behold the Lamb of God that bears away
Beyond all time the sins of all the world
Begotten of the Father and not made
Being united in the deepest love
Before all things were made, and when he came
Born of a virgin, God’s astounding plan
Begins to make the fallen world anew
Bringing new life, redemption from the cross
Burst from the grave with resurrection life
Breathing on his disciples spirit breath
Whitsunday – spirit overcoming death.

Called to bear witness to the Lord they loved
Common, un-lettered people by and large
Can they prevail once their dear Lord is gone?
Could this small band prove equal to their charge?
Comforter, Jesus promised, who will lead
Crestfallen followers into all the truth
Courts and Sanhedrin, persecution, death
Cannot suppress the spread of the Good News
Cephas is strengthened, John inspired and Saul
Converted into Paul. Gospel unfurled
Whitsunday-spirit spread throughout the world!

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