Friday, May 01, 2015

The Misfits of London: the Gin Chronicles

Last night to  Interrupt the Routine's "The misfits of London: The Gin Chronicles" performed in St Andrew's Church: a spoof retro radio comedy/drama which was surprisingly well done and enjoyable. Robert Blackwood, Nicholas Cowell, Sophie Dora-Hall, Rosemary Lippard & Luke Lamont star. Idle rich John Jobling and his shrewd Welsh housemaid, Doris Golightly, decide to become private detectives when news arrives of the disappearance of well-to-do Gin magnate Cornelius Juniper.

There was a certain feel of the 39 Steps about it which is not bad at all. The cast were all very good! It is touring and I think they hope to go to the Fringe. We wish them well!

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Dawn Sherratt said...

Wasn't able to get there but saw the You Tube trailer, fast paced and charming.