Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Night of Beijing

Hulusheng close up
On Sun to the O2 for A Night of Beijing put on by the Chinese Embassy with the Chinese Radio (traditional) Chinese Orchestra and other friends from the UK and China.  It was great to hear traditional Chinese instruments played so well and to be part of such a warm occasion.

There were some outstanding solosits (Jiang Kemie on the Jinghu, Zhang Hongyan on the Pipa and Du Dapeng on the Guqin) and interesting East/West collaborations including with the Melanson Quartet playing Spring on the Silk Road  with Zhang Hongyang on the Pipa.  Judith Howarth and Ding Yi sang together in Nessun Dorma and The North Wind Blowing from the Wite-Haired Girl.

The most remarkable instrument was the Hú lu shēng or Blow Gourd Pipe which was played in the course of the Dancing in Moonlight piece based on the folk music of the Yi people (who practice a religion called Bimoism). Most instruments look fundamentally like other instruments but this was something pretty well completely different!

Curtain Call

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