Sunday, June 28, 2015

Justin, Inclusive Capitalism and Psalm 23

Good Shepherd picture at the Catacomb of Priscilla
(Courtesy Wikipedia)
Enormously encouraging meeting of the Lambeth Partners in the Garden of Lambeth Palace on Thursday.  Justin as usual most inspiring on many fronts, including his recent visit to China as a guest of the Chinese Government.  The growth of Christianity there is tremendous, and the Minister of Religion seems genuinely pleased about it.

Spent Friday at the excellent Inclusive Capitalism conference - sadly unbloggable since it is Chatham House Rule but it is public that speakers included the Prince of Wales (by video), Justin Welby, Bill Clinton, Indra Nooyi (very impressive) and Adrian Orr the Deputy Chairman of the IFSWF. Really encouraging calls to action - responsible business leaders can make a difference. Justin has an excellent article related to this in the Telegraph.

My translation/adaptation of the Psalms continues - hard work but really rewarding. I got into my stride with Psalm 23 when I realised that I could cast them in explicitly poetic form. This has now worked forwards and backwards and I suspect that by the end they will all be like that in some way. Psalms 9 & 10 are an acrostic poem (as in the Hebrew) which also scans, 14, 15 and 21 are in iambic pentameters and from 23 onwards all so far are in blank verse of some form. See what you think:
The Lord’s my shepherd, nothing can I lack.
In pastures green he lets me take my rest
He leads me on beside quiet tranquil streams,
Refreshing to my soul. He guides me in
The right paths for his name’s sake. Should  I walk
Through a ravine that is as dark as death,
I’ll fear no evil: you are by my side;
your rod and shepherd’s staff, they comfort me.
You spread a table for me, while my foes.
Look on, and you anoint my head with oil;
And my cup overflows. Your goodness sure
and love will follow me for all my days,
and I will dwell in the LORD’s house - always.

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