Sunday, June 14, 2015

Psalm 9

King David playing the Harp by Jan de Brey (Wikipedia)
Huge apologies for the lack of posting. I've been very busy and sailing on Sundays. I've also started a project to make poetic versions of the Psalms.

In most cases I'm using the NIV and NRSV as a starting point but trying to make them more sayable, drawing on the Prayer Book, the NJB, the AV and some commentaries.

However when they are Acrostic Poems I've been trying to translate them as such. The first Acrostic Poems in the Psalms are Psalms 9 and 10. Here is my version of Psalm 9 - see what you think.

 Psalm 9
Ah I will thank the LORD with my whole heart;
    All of your wonderful deeds will I tell.
Always I’m gladly exulting in you;
    Adoring your name I shall sing, O Most High.
Back turned my enemies, when they turned back,
    Before you they stumbled and perished indeed.
Because my just cause you have justly maintained;
    Bringing right judgement enthroned on your throne.
Destroyed are the wicked, the nations rebuked
    Deleting their names for ever and ever.
Dispelled into ruin the enemies gone;
    De-rooted their cities, their memory has perished.
Ever enthroned is the LORD, yes  forever,
    Established his throne is for judgment in truth.
Enduringly judging the world with his righteousness;
    Earth and its nations with equity judged.
For the oppressed ones the LORD is a stronghold,
    Fortress and stronghold in troublesome times.
For those who know your name will trust in you,
    Forsaking never, LORD, those who seek you.
Gladly sing praise to the LORD, who’s in Zion.
    Go and declare to the peoples his deeds.
Great blood-avenger, he’s mindful of them;
    God won’t forget the afflicted who cry.
Have pity LORD, I’m afflicted in hatred
      Haul me back even from the gates of death,
Heartily then shall I sing all your praises,
    Helped and rejoicing in Zion’s fair gates.
Into the pit they have made fall the nations;
    In their own hidden net has their foot now been caught.
It’s the LORD who has made himself known with his judgement;
    Insnared are the wicked ones in the own work.
Just turn to Sheol, O wicked, depart from here
    Jettison nations forgetful of God!
Kept in God’s mind are the woes of the needy
   Keeping alive all the hope of the poor
Keep mortals from winning, rise up, O LORD!
    Kneeling let nations be judged before you.
Kindle your fear in them, O gracious LORD;
    Keep nations knowing they’re just human beings.

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