Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Play that Goes Wrong and Psalm 10

Play that goes wrong poster
Apologies for posting my Psalm 9 twice!  Last night we went to The Play that Goes Wrong which was very funny - though not, of course, as good as Noises Off.

However it is a great evening and also very admirable in that the Company was formed by LAMDA graduates and the play was written by the 3 male stars. They started in Fringe, then went to the West End and won an Olivier Award. Heartening stuff! Nothing in the poster actually happens on the stage but it gives a good idea of the general sense. And the stage effects are remarkable: it must have developed a lot since the Fringe productions since many of the physical gags would be impossible there.

As (partial) compensation for double-posting Psalm 9 let me give you the sequel which is of course Psalm 10 - in fact they make one Acrostic Poem.

Psalm 10
1  LORD, tell us why do you stand so far distant?
    Let us know why you're hidden in hard times?
2 Letting the wicked in pride hound the poor—
    Let them be caught in the schemes they’ve devised.
3 Mean people boast the desires of their hearts,
    Men fixed on gain curse and turn from the LORD.
4 “Never will God seek it out” say the wicked;
    “No God exists” is the base of their thoughts.
5 Now their ways prosper, they veil your high judgements;
    Nothing they fear as they scoff at their foes.
6 “Never” They think in their hearts, “shall we tumble
    nor meet adversity throughout our days.”
7 Oppression, and cursing, deceit fill their mouths
    obscene the iniquity under their tongues.
8 Obscured in their hideouts they lurk in the villages;
    obliquely in hiding  they murder the innocent.
Prying in stealth they keep watch for the helpless;
9     privily lurk like a lion in its covert;
Poor ones their quarry, they hide there to seize them;
    Pounce on poor - drag them off in their net.
10 Quietly they stoop, they crouch,
    Quite helpless the poor ones fall down by their might.
11 Right in their heart they think, “God has forgotten,
    really his face is hid, he will not see it.”
12 Rise up, O LORD; O God, lift up your hand;
    Remember the poor and the people oppressed.
13 So why do the wicked renounce and spurn God,
    Say in their hearts, “You will not make us pay”?
14 Seeing you note all the trouble and grief,
    so you may take it all into your hands;
Surely the helpless commit themselves to you;
    surely you have been the help of the orphan.
15 Shatter the arm of the wicked and evildoers;
    Seek out their wickedness till it is gone.
16 The LORD is the king, yes forever and ever;
    The heathens shall perish from all of his land.
17 The LORD hears the hopes and laments of the meek;
    their heart you will strengthen, inclining your ear
18 To do justice for orphans and for the oppressed,
   That mere mortals on earth may strike terror no more.

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