Thursday, August 13, 2015

John Scott RIP

The sad news arrived from a friend than John Scott died on Aug 12th. He was one of the world's greatest organists, who was a younger contemporary of ours at Cambridge, and who we got to know a bit when he was accompanist for the Bach Choir while C was a member.

I saw him a few years ago in NY rather unexpectedly where he had become Organist an Director of Music at St Thomas 5th Avenue. Apparently he returned to New York on August 11 after a very successful European tour. He was not feeling well the next morning and suffered a sudden cardiac episode. He was taken to Roosevelt Hospital but never regained consciousness. His wife, Lily, was by his side when he died. John and Lily are expecting their first child in September.

It is somehow fitting that tonight at the Proms they performed Messiaen's monumental Turangalia Symphony since Messaien was unquestionably the greatest organist/composer of the 20th Century (Bruckner of the 19th, JS Bach of the 17th, who of the 18th I wonder?)   I would certainly have gone had I not had meetings and heard this piece a few months earlier. I caught the end of it on Radio 4 and it was wonderful.

May he rest in peace and RISE IN GLORY.

And, if it works like that, may he already be enjoying conversations and music with Bach, Bruckner and Messiaen.

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