Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Psalm 37

An image of trust
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Ah do not fret because of the unjust;
    and be not envious of wrongdoers,
2   away they soon will wither like the grass,
    and fade away from  view like the green herb.
But put your full trust in the LORD, do good;
    live in the land, enjoy security.
4    O make the LORD your joy and your delight,
    and he will give to you your heart’s desires.
Commit your way unto the LORD your God;
    O put your trust in him, and he will act.
6    He’ll make your vindication shine like light,
    the justice of your cause like noonday sun.
Dwell still before the LORD, wait patiently;
    don’t fret o’er those who prosper in their way,
    deviously achieving their success.
Eschew your anger, and leave rage aside.
    O do not fret—it only leads to harm.
9    For evildoers all shall be cut off,
    those waiting for the LORD shall gain the land.
10 For very soon the wicked will be gone;
    though you should seek them, they will not be there.
11 But lowly people shall possess the land,
    and in abundant peace they will delight.
12 Gnashing their teeth against the true in heart,
    the wicked plot against them spitefully;
13 But the LORD laughs at all the wicked folk,
    He sees their day of reckoning will come.
14 However much they draw the swords, and bend
   their bows to harm the poor, to kill the just;
15 their swords instead shall enter their own hearts,
    and their bows shall be broken utterly.
16 It’s better to have little, and be just,
    than the abundant riches of the wicked.
17 For weapons of the wicked shall be smashed,
    whereas the LORD upholds the righteous ones.
18 Just people have their lives in the Lord’s care,
    forever shall their heritage abide;
19  they are not put to shame in evil times,
    and in the days of famine they are full.
20 Killed are the wicked, enemies of the LORD
    like glory of the pastures they shall fade;
    like smoke they will all vanish clean away.
21 Lent to, the wicked folk will not repay,
    whereas the just keep giving generously;
22 for those blessed by the LORD shall have the land,
    but those accursed by him shall be cut off.
23  Made firm by our great LORD our steps are sure ,
    when in the way we choose he does delight;
24 and if we stumble, we shall not collapse,
    because the LORD supports us by the hand.
25 Now I am old, though I too have been young,
    yet never have I seen the just forsaken
    or seen their children begging for some bread.
26 The upright gives compassionately, and lends,
    their children are a blessing unto them.
27 O turn away from evil, and do good;
    and you will have a home for evermore.
28 Because  the LORD loves justice, and will not
  forsake or leave his faithful righteous ones.
Preserved for ever shall the righteous be,
    but children of the wicked are cut off.
29 The righteous ones shall inherit the land,
    and they shall live in it forever more.
30 Quiet wisdom shall be heard from righteous mouths,
    their tongues speak justice. 31 And the law of God
    is in their hearts; their footsteps do not slip.
32 Reprobate wicked keep watch for the just,
    and look out for a chance to murder them.
33 The LORD will not abandon them to their power,
    nor let them be condemned when brought to trial.
34 So wait upon the LORD, and keep his way,
    He’ll raise you up to inherit the land;
    and you will see the wicked ones destroyed.
35  The wicked I have seen oppressing, tall
     like lofty cedar tree from Lebanon.
36  Again I passed by, and they were no more;
    and though I sought them, they could not be found.
37 Use your eyes on the blameless, see the just,
     there is posterity for the peaceable.
38 But evil-doers shall all be destroyed;
    the offspring of the wicked be cut off.
39 Well-doers have salvation from the LORD;
    He is their refuge in the time of woe.
40 {Y} The LORD will help them and will rescue them;
    rescue them from the sinful, and will save,
    because they seek their refuge sure in him.

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